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Are Sex Toys Safe?

If you buy from a reputable brand, most toys are safe. 

But it’s always recommended to learn how to use a specific toy before trying it. Depending the toy, there may be various sizes which you should consider, as well as proper lubrication. 

Many of the top retailers will be providing toys which are made from good materials such as silicone. 

Materials to Consider

A lot of luxury toys will be made of silicone, however there are several other materials which sex toys are made from. 

These are: 

  • Glass
  • Latex
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Jelly

Depending on personal preference, or even health conditions like allergies, there might be a reason why you would want to opt in for a certain material over another. 

What’s great is that the big online retailers will have proper guides which discuss all these materials. So before you buy, consider checking out their FAQ pages or guide pages for information on various materials. 

How to Use

Certain toys are easy to use, while others it might not be so straight forward. 

As a general rule, always use plenty of lube when using these toys. 

But going beyond lube, you might want to read proper how to guides for various types of toys. 

This is again when we would recommend that you consult the guides provided by online shopping stores. Not only do they have buying guides, but they also have guides on proper use of various kinds of toys. 


Online reviews are probably the best way to do you own research on the safety of various products. 

You have the safety of numbers here so don’t buy anything unless there are plenty of positive reviews from other customers. 

Again, reputable online stores will have plenty of user reviews you can research before buying.